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NOAA Weather Radio
NOAA Weather Radio?

What's that??

Answer: It's up to date weather forecasts, at the touch of a button. No waiting for "weather on the 8's", or whatever cycle your favorite radio station uses. Just tap the button on your NOAA weather radio, and you'll instantly hear your area's weather forecast.

But it's more: NOAA Weather Radio is also a tireless sentry, standing watch over the weather for you, day and night. If dangerous weather approaches, a NOAA Weather Radio will sound an alarm tone to alert you.

Further, the National Weather Service (the Federal agency that operates NOAA Weather Radio) has broadened the type of warnings that can be issued over NOAA Weather Radio. They refer to it as an 'all-hazards' approach. Warnings now include non-weather related emergencies, such as local evacuation notices (for example, due to a train derailment), or even national terrorist attack.

NOAA Weather Radio is more than just instant weather forecasts.

Want more information? Click the link labeled "NOAA Weather Radio Information", below.
This page last updated on 10/3/2005.