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Property Search

Please be advised that some sales prices listed may include more than one parcel. If you question the sales amount please feel free to contact the Equalization Office for additional information at 231-258-3340.

Property tax information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed, please contact County Treasurer or Township Treasurer to verify tax information. The County Treasurer can be reached at 231-258-3310.

Please note that the property information has not been updated since November 14, 2016.

Parcel Number
Enter all or part of a parcel number, in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX-XX.
Owner Name
Enter all or part of a name to search for. Enter the owner's last name first.
Address Number
Enter the address number of the physical address of the property you are searching for (example: 5480). To enter a list of Address numbers seperate them by commas (example: 201,205,350). To enter a range of addresses seperate them by the word 'to' (example: 201 to 301)
Street Name