Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Please follow this link to view and print the latest version of the Friend of the Court Handbook

Information about the child support program is available in the Understanding Child Support: A Handbook for Parents (DHS_Pub 748)

Manuals Co-Parenting Communication

Several online co-parenting communication tools are available for free and at varying cost.  These tools may assist with scheduling and communicating with your co-parent when there are scheduling changes or problems.  Do an internet search, research the various tools, and try one (or a few) out to see which one meets the needs of your family.    OurFamilyWizard is one such tool which assists many Kalkaska County Families to better co-parent.

Searching for parenting programs, Third Level  services (including youth crisis services), or other family resources?  Click the link Child & Family Services to be redirected to Child & Family Services of Northwest Michigan website.

Supervised Parenting Time & Exchange

 Safe Haven
The Safe Haven Supervised Parenting Time and Supervised Exchange Program offers services to families with domestic violence to provide a safe environment for parents to exchange and exercise parenting time with their children.

For more information relating to services, go to their website here - 

Parenting Time Enforcement
If a party is denied parenting time as specified in their court order, it is the responsibility of the parent who was denied the parenting time to file a complaint with the Friend of the Court. Parenting Time Complaints must be submitted within 56 days of the alleged violation.   Print Parenting Time Complaint Form (PDF) if your court order has been violated.  Submit it to the Friend of the Court.

The Friend of the Court commences enforcement of parenting time by sending a copy of the complaint to the accused party within 14 days after the FOC office receives the complaint. If the complaint is found to be a valid complaint, the FOC may; suggest "makeup" parenting time, schedule the parties for mediation, initiate a Show Cause Hearing for Contempt or file a motion to modify existing parenting time. If the complaint is found to be invalid, correspondence will be sent to the complaining party as to why the complaint was not enforceable, and what the party's options may be.

Neither parent has the right to stop paying child support because parenting time is being denied. Conversely, neither parent has the right to withhold parenting time because child support is not being paid.