Veterans Affairs

Burial Benefits

The Kalkaska County Department of Veterans Affairs provides access to burial benefits for deceased veterans or a Veteran’s deceased spouse.  Kalkaska County can pay $300 to eligible applicants to offset the cost of a Veteran’s burial or the burial of a Veteran's spouse.  
County Benefits
Required Information:
        -   Completed Burial Allowance Application, usually completed and signed by the Funeral Home  
            Director and forwarded to our office.
        -   DD 214 or similar showing dates of active service and character of discharge
        -   Death certificate, showing Kalkaska County as decedent’s home of residence at the time of death
        -   Invoice from the funeral home showing cost of services, current balance, and name of the person 
            responsible for payment of the costs.
 Federal Benefits
Veterans may also be entitled to Federal burial benefits such as:
     -        Federal burial allowances
     -        Free VA Headstone or Marker
     -        Burial flags
     -        Presidential Memorial certificates

Additional information can be found at the website: