Emergency Financial Assistance

     The Kalkaska County Department of Veterans Affairs administers the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Fund as well as the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund.     These Funds are designed to provide temporary aid.  They are not meant to correct recurring or chronic financial problems.     The Applicant must provide proof of ability to pay expenses in the future.
     The resources of these Funds are used only when all other resources have been exhausted.   Other resources include, but are not limited to, DHHS, NMCAA, Salvation Army, KAIR, A.C.T.S., True North, any utility company to work out a budget plan, etc.
     Assistance may be applied for once in every twelve month period.
     The Applicant must provide proof of an emergency need.  
     All payments are made directly to the vendors.  Payments will not be made directly to any Veteran or a member of a Veteran’s family.
     Any and all work to be performed for home repairs requires at least two (2) and preferably three (3) estimates/bids from licensed and insured contractors.   Proof of the contractor's State license and insurance must accompany the Application.
     For additional information see Michigan Veterans Trust Fund    and/or Soldiers and Sailors Relief Fund  pages.