Michigan Veterans Trust Fund

   The Michigan Veterans Trust Fund (MVTF)  is administered through the Kalkaska County Department of
   Veterans Affairs.    The MVTF provides emergency grants to Michigan veterans and dependent family 
   members to help them weather a short-term, unforeseen financial crisis. 
    Veteran Eligibility Requirements
         -   Resident of Kalkaska County
         -   Honorable Discharge
         -  180 days service during a period of war
         -  180 days of active duty with award of Armed Forces/Navy Expeditionary Medal
         -  Less than 180 days of above due to service-incurred disability
         -  Dependents can apply if veteran is eligible under certain circumstances
    Documents to bring with you when applying for assistance:       
          -  Discharge papers, separation report or DD-214 
          -  Proof of residence (driver's license, voter registration, State I.D.)
          -  Marriage certificate and birth certificates for minor children (legal dependents)
          -  Death certificate of a deceased spouse (if applicable)
          -  Bills or account statements regarding the items for which you are seeking an MVTF grant
          -  Documentation of any disability rating (from social security and/or VA if applicable)
          -  Proof of employment or other income
          -  Evidence of efforts made to apply for assistance at other appropriate agencies
           Please stop by the office to pick up an Application for an Emergency Grant.  Once the completed
           Application and all supporting documentation is received, the Application will be submitted to the
           County Committee.  The Committee shall review the Application and all supporting documentation
           and shall render their decision at or before its regularly scheduled monthly meeting.   A written
           notice of decision will be sent to the Applicant.