Researching at the Kalkaska County Register of Deeds


     The Kalkaska County Register of Deeds Office houses historical records, including deeds and some death 
           records which establish land interest or ownership.
     Since January 27, 1871 the Kalkaska County Register of Deeds has kept Grantor and Grantee Books.   These
           indexes provide a roadmap to the dates and names of properties sold out of either the U.S. Government, or 
           individual to individual.   These books are free to use, and help greatly in determining property ownership and
           other hisotrical information.   Once the location of the record is determined, you may view the orignal document
           created and recorded in the office.
     Tract books are available from day one to present day, for a fee.  They arrange property by the legal description of the
           land (organized by township, range, section, name, etc. )
     Computers are available for public use with images dating back to May 1992.
     For records transferring public lands from the U.S. Government to private ownership, known as "Land Patents", the
           Bureau of Land Management may be able to help.  Historical records are searchable online at

        Office Hours for the Register of Deeds:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
        JoAnn DeGraaf, Registrar