Recording Fees and Guidelines

Recording Fees and Guidelines

For recording and indexing any Deed, Mortgage, Lis Pendens, Affidavit or any other instrument:

  • $30.00 regardless of number of pages beginning October 1, 2016
  • Add $3 for each additional instrument number discharging or assigning mortgages

 Deeds that contain a covenant of warranty, Land Contracts, or Assignments of Land Contract must have a tax certificate from the County Treasurer's office. MCLA 211.135

  • For up to five (5) descriptions - $5.00 per instrument
  • Each additional description - 20 cents

Transfer Taxes- In addition to fees charged for the recording of documents, the Register of Deeds office also collects Real Estate Transfer Taxes, both County and State. On all instruments subject to tax, the value of the real property transferred shall be stated on the face of the document or a real estate valuation affidavit declaring the total value of the real estate shall be filed. There is no fee for filing the real estate valuation affidavit, but a statement must be made on the face of the instrument that a real estate valuation affidavit is being filed. (MCL 207.511, 207.525)

Transfer tax imposed shall be collected unless the transfer is exempt from either or both taxes (State and/or County). Exemptions must be stated on the face of the instrument presented for recording (MCL 207.505, 207.526).

If the value of the real estate transferred is $100.00 or more, payment of State and County transfer tax is required. Please see the "State & County Real Estate Transfer Tax Table" below for a chart to assist you in the calculation of transfer tax. If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please call the Register of Deeds at (231) 258-3315.